why do lead acid batteries bulge?
Pubdate: 2023-06-05
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Starlight Power would like to give some examples of the main reasons why lead-acid batteries bulge.


1. Excessive charging time: Because of overcharging or abnormalities in the charging process, a large amount of gas is generated inside the battery, which cannot be discharged normally, leading to an increasing pressure inside the battery and eventually leading to the expansion and deformation of the battery shell. In addition, the charging current is too high or the charging time is too long, which will easily lead to a rapid rise in the temperature of the electrolyte, which will also easily lead to the bulging of the lead-acid battery.


2. The lead-acid battery plate sulfide: If the lead-acid battery plate sulfide, then in the charging process, the single cell voltage and electrolyte temperature will rise rapidly, the onset of bubbles earlier, and the repercussions are violent, which will easily lead to the battery bulge.


3. Safety valve opening pressure is too high, or the safety valve is blocked: when the pressure in the body increases to a certain degree the valve cannot open normally, in this case it is bound to cause bulging deformation.


4. The amount of electrolyte is too low: inevitably the electrolyte inside the lead-acid battery will be reduced after a period of use. After the electrolyte is reduced, if the battery is overcharged, it is easy to cause the lead-acid battery to bulge, and in serious cases, it may also cause bursting. Therefore, it is necessary to add electrolyte or distilled water at this time.


5. Electrolyte viscosity is too large: if the electrolyte viscosity is large, it will lead to slow penetration into the pores of the pole plate, which will also make the internal resistance increase, so that the voltage drop consumed in the discharge on the internal resistance will also increase. This causes the electrolyte temperature to rise rapidly and there is a lot of gas, which then makes the gas pressure inside the battery increase, leading to bulging.


When using lead-acid batteries, pay attention to the environment and the way the battery is used, comply with the battery installation instructions and avoid over-charging, over-discharging, over-loading and so on. If the user finds that the lead-acid battery has a bulge, the bulging battery should be replaced in time to avoid affecting the use of other batteries.

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