Knowledge of SLA Battery material structure
Pubdate: 2021-11-29
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1. The active material on the positive plate is lead dioxide (PbO2)

2. The active material on the negative plate is sponge like pure lead (PB)

The plates of VRLA are mostly pasted. The plates are coated with lead paste made of active substances and additives on the grid, and are made by curing and forming process.

SLA battery1 

AGM separator


Ultra fine glass fiber is widely used as separator material in VRLA battery.

The clapboard is in close contact with the plate. Its main functions are as follows:

(1) Absorbing electrolyte;

(2) It provides a channel for oxygen released from the positive electrode to diffuse to the negative electrode;

(3) Preventing positive and negative short circuit.

 SLA battery2



The electrolyte of lead-acid battery is made of pure concentrated sulfuric acid and pure water.

It reacts with active substances on the positive and negative electrodes to realize the conversion between chemical energy and electric energy.

Generally, the proportion of sulfuric acid added into the battery is 1.25-1.35g/ml.

SLA battery3 


This is a kind of automatic opening and closing exhaust valve, with unidirectional, acid mist proof pad inside.

Only when the air pressure in the battery exceeds a certain value, it will automatically shut down after releasing the excess gas to keep the internal pressure of the battery in the optimal range.

SLA battery4 


1. The shell material meets the requirements of acid corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, good mechanical strength, high hardness, small water vapor evaporation leakage, small oxygen diffusion penetration, etc.

2. Generally, modified plastic ABS material is used.

3. 2V is a single lattice, 6V has three lattices and 12V has six lattices.

SLA battery5


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