Top 3 AGM Start-Stop Car Battery Manufacturer in US
Pubdate: 2024-02-27
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Created by: Cindy Liang
Published on: February 27,2024

The United States boasts one of the most expansive AGM Start-Stop Car Battery industries globally. The market is highly competitive, with entry primarily reserved for those offering top-notch quality. Having closely examined the offerings, I understand the challenge in ranking among the best globally. Nonetheless, through extensive research, I succeeded in identifying the top 5 Agm start-stop car battery companies within the US. 

If you are struggling to find new suppliers for battery business, I hope this article can be helpful to you. 


Table of Contents 

1. Starlight Power Industrial Company Limited

2. Optima Batteries

3. Interstate Batteries


Starlight Power lndustrial Company Limited

  • Location: Guangdong, China
  • Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 2012
  • The number of employees: 50
  • Main product: AGM Start-Stop Car Batteries
  • Other products: maintenance-free car batteries, lithium Automotive batteries 
  • Supply OEM & ODM Service: Yes
  • Accept Sample Orders: Yes



Starlight Power is committed to innovation and quality. With a focus on R&D, they continuously improve their product offerings to meet the evolving needs of the market, ensuring that their batteries offer the latest in battery technology. This commitment to quality is also reflected in their manufacturing processes, which adhere to strict quality control standards to ensure that every battery meets their high-performance criteria.

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OPTIMA Batteries

  • Location: USA
  • Company type: manufacturing, wholesale
  • Year founded: 2
  • The number of employees: 50
  • Main product: AGM Car Batteries
  • Other products:  Charger


The brand offers a range of batteries tailored to different needs – REDTOP for high starting power, YELLOWTOP for deep cycling capability, and BLUETOP for marine and RV applications. Each product line is engineered to provide optimal performance for its specific application, ensuring that you get the most out of your battery, whether you're looking for quick starts, deep power reserves, or reliable power for electronics.

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Interstate Batteries

  • Location: USA
  • Company type: wholesale
  • Year founded: 1952
  • Main product:  Car & Truck Batteries
  • Other products: Marine Batteries, Rv Batteries, Commercial Heavy Duty Batteries


Interstate Batteries provides unparalleled customer service, including warranties that back the quality of their products, and a vast network of dealers and distributors, making it easy to find and replace your battery whenever needed.

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